Excellens Mare Awards – Blue revelation diplomas

Taking into account the importance of the recognition of excellence and merit of sea activities carried out in the context of the Excellens Mare Awards and the successful experience of the Excellens Mare Galas, PwC Portugal considers that it is important to provide an opportunity to highlight innovation and entrepreneurship projects with potential for the future development of sea activities, thereby creating a bridge between projects with proven results and emerging projects with potential for the future. In this context, in partnership with BPI, the Blue Revelation Diplomas 2017 have been conceived.

Blue Revelation Diploma: Innovation

Aims to recognise quality of innovation of projects, people or entities that show potential for future development in activities of the sea and other water resources.

Blue Revelation Diploma: Entrepreneurship

Aims to recognise entrepreneurship in projects, people or entities that show potential for future development in activities of the sea and other water resources.

The Blue Revelation Diplomas are annual and result from choices made by members of the jury, after listening to experts, associations and relevant actors linked to the Sea.

Jury – 2017

Miguel Marques

António Costa e Silva
António Isidoro
Helena Vieira
Isabel Gião de Andrade

João Pedro Azevedo
Maria Celeste Hagatong
Pedro Quintela
Sofia Galvão


To access all the information about the 2017 Winners, please see the following sections below, or download the PDF.


Blue Revelation Diploma: Innovation

UNDERSEE – Multi-Sensor Fusion System

The Multi-Sensor Fusion System Project of the UNDERSEE start-up is being incubated at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Portugal (Pedro Nunes Institute – Coimbra) and is expected to provide services for sub-aquatic monitoring and inspection, with the use of multi-spectrum satellite imagery and local sensors. One of the highlight applications of the technology is the monitoring of the quality of water in the area around underwater activities or outfalls and offshore aquaculture. The specific know-how for gathering information via satellite anywhere, through multi-spectrum imagery, the fusion of satellite information with local information, the ability to construct hydrodynamic models to predict risk and the attempt to reduce the cost of the production of submarine vehicles for the gathering of information, demonstrate innovative characteristics with potential for future development of activities at sea.

Blue Revelation Diploma: Entrepreneurship

Mirabilis Hatchery for Oyster Eggs

The Mirabilis Project has as its objective the valorization of the Portuguese oyster through the creation and development of a hatchery for oyster eggs. The pilot project that is already up and running in the Algarve has potential for the future development of oyster aquaculture, revealing an entrepreneurial capability and acceptance of risk associated with the project. In so far that the aquaculture production of bivalves is an area of considerable potential for the valorization of the oceans, the future success of this project will certainly be a relevant contribution for the preservation of the Portuguese oyster and for the development of the seafood industry.

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