Vibrant Blue


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Title of music: Vibrant Blue
Approximate duration: 11 minutes
Composer: Lino Guerreiro
Premiere: Figueira da Foz CAE april 22, 2017

The work “Vibrant Blue” was written at the request of PwC Portugal, as part of the Excellent Mare Awards, with the aim of underlining the merit of all the individuals and entities that have contributed to the increase in the value of the sea through environmental conservation.

When I think of the sea, I think of my birthplace, the city of Tavira in the Algarve, blessed with this giant “the sea, the ocean, the blue, the horizon”. My attachment to the sea is unavoidable, it is considerable, it is so strong, in so far that I have always thought about it. To describe its vastness is not easy and, also adding my memories, my existence, my complete attachment to the sea, makes everything much much more difficult. I therefore decided to concentrate on an obvious duality. Two poles that may be interpreted as two of my, or the sea’s, “states of mind” and follow this duality that, sooner or later, returns to the beginning, calling for regeneration and environmental conservation. Within the title of the work, is “Blue”: calm, peace, serenity; themes that are slower paced, more romantic, passionate, about the beauty of the sea when it is calm and serene, the blue horizon. “Vibrant”: the power, the majesty, the respect; themes that are more vigorous, rhythmic, forever repeating melodies just as the tides, the vibrant giant. These two poles were the principal inspirations that underlay the composition of this work. Opposite poles that inevitably touch one another within their wider context that ensure that there is an intersection of themes that are common to the two poles. It was from the idea of a "false opposite”, together with “other passions”, that the idea for the work “Vibrant Blue” was born.

Lino Guerreiro

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