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Title of music: Oceanus
Approximate duration: 17 minutes.
Composer: Samuel Pascoal.
Premiere: Figueira da Foz CAE april 14, 2018


The work "Oceanus" was written at the request of PwC Portugal, as partt of the Excellens Mare Awards, with the aim of underlining the merit of all the individuals and entities that have contributed to the increase in the value of the ocean. 

Ocean, characterizes and personifies the immensity and vastness of the sea, of all the seas. All beings who live in it and who find in it the dedication of a life, be it work, sport or leisure.

This work entitled "OCEANUS" intends to perpetuate all the people and entities connected to the sea but also all its inhabitants, either through sounds, through its dynamics and its static as well as its majesty and beauty.

It is an ode to all seas and to all men of all seas



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