Sea That Speaks Portuguese

The musical piece “Sea That Speaks Portuguese” has been written by request of PwC Portugal, within the context of the Excellens Mare Awards, with the goal of emphasize the merit and the excellence of all the people and entities that contribute to the sustainable valorisation of the ocean.

By launching itself to the sea to explore the continents, Portugal brought the greatness, maritime domain and its cultural contribution, that would change forever the countries it colonized .

Our musical journey starts in Lisbon with the main theme, “Sea That Speaks Portuguese”, intertwined with the citation from the national anthem of Portugal, showing its excellence and maritime sovereignty.

Then, musical expressions arise that characterise the Madeira Island and the Azores archipelago, that are still present in the Portuguese music.   

Pursuing our voyage, we dock on the African continent. The striking rhythm of drums and their clefs show, in a delightful way, all the mysticism and exuberance of each region of this vast continent. Each African country is represented by a different theme, showing all the diversity and richness of African people.

The colourful Indian musical as also received strong Portuguese influences. The energy of its music, the beauty of its sound palette and the vivacity of its rhythms are all represented in the piece with great virtuosity.

With the end of colonisation by Portugal in Timor, many wars changed the life of its people, with whom we share the Portuguese language. The melancholic theme of this nation portrays the nowadays reality lived in East-Timor, in the search for better days.

Macau is a piece of Portugal in the Chinese immensity. The oriental richness is pictured in a smooth melody played by the flute over the celestial chords of a harp.

New challenges were launching Portugal to the discovery of new lands. The sound of the forest was announcing in a grandiose form a new continent. Indigenous chants echoed through all the fauna and flora. Brazil was a Portuguese reality and Portugal was a reality in South America.

The Portuguese language is the biggest richness left by this nation. It’s a big contribution and our biggest proud. Hooray Portugal! Hooray the Portuguese speaking countries community! Hooray “Sea That Speaks Portuguese”!


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Title of music: Sea That Speaks Portuguese
Composer: Gilson Santos
Premiere: Figueira da Foz CAE april 6, 2019

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