2018 Annual income tax return

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Our team has specialized professionals, with the best technical skills and experience, that may provide our Clients with all the relevant assistance throughout the process of preparation and filing of the annual personal income tax return in Portugal.

Our services

Our assistance ensures not only the proper compliance with tax obligations, but also the identification and optimisation of the existing tax opportunities, both in a national and international perspective, in order to grant the most efficient tax situation for our Clients. Among others, our assistance throughout the process of preparation and filing of the Portuguese personal income tax return, includes the following services:

  • Collect and analyse the information/documentation provided to identify and valuate the taxable income, namely in terms of investment portfolios;
  • Validate the tax position and the relevant tax implications in different jurisdictions, through the international network of PwC Firms; 
  • Evaluate the tax alternatives (e.g. taxation at special/flat tax rates versus progressive tax rates and/or jointly filing versus separately tax returns); 

  • Identify situations of international double taxation and apply for foreign tax credits, whenever applicable; 
  • Prepare a tax liability estimate; 
  • Follow-up on the tax assessment process and assistance with the reply to notifications from the Portuguese Tax Authorities.

Our assistance may also include the preparation and filing of personal income tax returns in other jurisdictions, under the legislation in force in those countries, with the support of the international network of PwC Firms.

Should you need any further information about our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Filing deadline 
1st apr - 30th jun

From April 1st to June 30th 2019, regardless of the sources of income received. Learn more and explore our simulator through this link: 



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