PwC Portugal's Experience Center appears in 2023, aligned with PwC's global strategic vision of  keeping up with the latest  technological developments and offering  differentiating experiences to its clients, thus representing an extremely important asset for the firm.

In this way, PwC Portugal's  Experience Center has the distinctive factor of being designed with a  strong Tech Lab component dedicated to experimenting with Metaverse and  Immersive Technologies. The purpose is just one: using creativity and innovation to promote truly unique and immersive experiences for all those who visit the space and thus challenge their current practices, driving the transformation of their businesses.

The Experience Center is seen a  PwC's accelerator.
This is the right place to conduct activities related to the development of big ideas – from the initial idea to the strategy planning and execution - and to the understanding of the impact of the operations on our customers.

Discover our Experience Center, in Lisbon.
Here we project change!

Discover the immersive technologies
available at PwC’s Experience Center

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that replaces user's environment with digital content. This is a fully immersive technology, isolating the user from the real world, making them view only digital content.

Artificial Intelligence (AI/AI)

Artificial Intelligence is defined as computer systems that perceive the digital or physical world, process what they understand, and, in most cases, perform the type of actions that would normally require human intelligence. For businesses, there are great benefits in machines that can see, hear or feel, draw conclusions, make intelligent choices and act accordingly to them.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enhances user’s environment with digital content. This technology combines physical and virtual worlds by superimposing digital information on the user's environment.

Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation associated with a physical object. By connecting real-time data from the physical object or process into its digital representation – programmed with mathematical models, AI and pattern recognition to accurately recreate what it is intended to copy – the Digital Twin comes to life.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality combines user's environment with digital content. This technology recognizes the environment in which the user is located and allows digital content to interact with the real world in three dimensions.

Experience Center – PwC Portugal

Discover our Experience Center

At PwC we enhance your business through the experience with immersive technologies. Watch the video and discover a new world of possibilities.

Duration: 00:02:21

At PwC we inspire and transform your business through experience.

Search, imagine,
do and test.
The Experience Center puts the X in BXT.

At PwC we design the future.

The Metaverse has become a reality and it is also through it that growth and immediate results are easily achieved.

However, it may seem that we, at PwC, are grasping the Metaverse at an embryonic stage, but the truth is that this concept dates back to the 90s and PwC has been working with cutting-edge technologies for over a decade.

Faced with the challenges of the future, the purpose of the PwC Experience Center is to work side by side with our clients and inspire them to make transformative changes, providing new experiences for their People (clients and employees).

Did you know that according to a 2022 PwC’s study, more than 82% of the CEOs interviewed expect Metaverse technologies to be part of their reality within 3 years? As technologies and customer preferences continue to evolve, the Metaverse becomes more relevant and capable of offering an effective solution to the user experience.

Your employees' experiences (EX) are essential to offering a great customer experience (CX) – directly and indirectly. Therefore, at PwC, you will find specialised help in your business industry– we design and outline the entire EX and CX strategy. We combine technology and a personalised approach to provide the best experiences.

In the digital world, CX is the most critical competitive advantage. The Metaverse presents new opportunities to deliver innovative and engaging CX. Today, Experience is everything!

of customers point experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

Source: PwC's Future of CX Survey

Greater revenue growth for companies that lead with an approach that prioritises customer experience and needs.

Source: PwC's Global Innovation 1000 Study

Explore our space.
Discover PwC’s Experience Center da PwC.

Work better,
smarter, faster.

We’ll show you how.

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