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Our Deals Tax team is composed by specialists capable of helping you through all the transaction cycle, developing and providing value-added solutions for your business.

Whatever type of transaction you are considering – an acquisition, disposition, merger, joint venture, IPO, public-to-private, restructuring or refinancing – tax risks and opportunities must be properly identified and your cash-flows optimised.

Defining a proper tax strategy will provide your investment/disinvestment with significant value, while:

  1. minimising the fiscal costs of the transation
  2. managing long-term tax burden and cash-flows in a sustainable way and
  3. managing, in a timely and efficient way, the tax impact of a potential future disinvestment

PwC has a specialized team, with many years of experience on different activity sectors, to advise you at all stages of the investment/disinvestment cycle

Our services cover the entire transaction cycle

  • Structuring of private equity funds
  • Optimisation of the Management’s remuneration structure
  • Tax monitoring of funds

  • Support in the negotiation
  • Financing structuring
  • Tax modelling
  • Funds flows

  • Buy-side due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Vendor assistance

  • Advice in the negotiation process
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) review
  • Structuring of the acquisition/disposal
  • Financing structuring

  • Post Deal Integration™
  • Structuring reorganisation operations
  • Monitoring the implementation of tax structures
  • Structuring disinvestment

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Maria Torres

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