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At PwC we enhance the growth of startups and scaleups

Through a wide range of services, we are focused on supporting startups and scaleups to achieve their growth ambitions and take their business to the next level. Our goal is to be part of growth and support the next generation of innovative and disruptive ideas.

Startups and scaleups Services – PwC

As a business founder, you need an advisor that can cut through the noise.

PwC offers a specialist, founder-focused, service to help start-ups and scale-ups thrive. It’s run by people with relevant, real-world experience. It draws on our global knowledge and expertise. And it links you up to our startup ecosystem – meaning you have access to a host of valuable connections. Whether starting out or expanding at PwC, we are committed to helping founders overcome current challenges, allowing them to remain focused on product and technology development.

Our ecosystem includes more than 200 people in 30+ countries. With a vast network of professionals from different areas, we position ourselves as a "one stop shop" for startups and scaleups, offering services in areas of strategic consulting, finance and operations, as well as accounting, auditing and regulatory compliance services.

At PwC we help startups and scaleups reach the next level!

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Startups or scaleups constitution

Knowing that at this stage the focus is on the creation and evolution of the product or service, it is important to train the founding teams in equally relevant areas such as idea protection, regulation, company governance or its operations. We support entrepreneurs in making critical decisions in an early-stage phase, accompanying the process as a whole or at different times.

We support the following topics:

  • Business concept testing – basic screening;
  • Idea protection – trademark, patent, copyright protection;
  • Digital assets/digitization – as a product, as a currency, as a sales channel;
  • First governance – between founders/first funders (still in the family, fools and friends range);
  • Responsibility of partners and administrators;
  • Basic financing forms;
  • Constitution of society;
  • Basic taxation (including patent box);
  • Accounting and other basic formalities;
  • Incentives (labor and others);
  • Major dont’s at this stage.

Growing pains

Growing pains are part of the normal growth process for startups/scaleups, and the way they are managed can prove to be a determining factor for their success. Areas such as strategy, sustainability, talent retention, financial function, tax, control and reporting become relevant in contexts of rapid growth. We support the definition of strategic plans, the definition and/or operation of support functions, identifying the main areas of focus and the challenges.

We support the following topics:

  • Agility in defining strategy and consistency;
  • Evaluation of margins;
  • ESG in business;
  • The theme of the digitization of business;
  • Key issues of internationalization;
  • Talent retention, stock options included;
  • Major dont’s at this stage.

First rounds of capital

Finding the capital needed to grow a startup/scaleup is a strategic step that encompasses different areas of the business. We help startups/ scaleups create their business plan, value assessment, preparation for due diligence, and what are the main precautions to consider in the term sheets.

We support the following topics:

  • Forms of financing/ going public;
  • Due diligence test – how to prepare the deal;
  • Forms of assessing the value of companies;
  • Forms of attracting investors;
  • Typical corporate/contractual precautions in going public;
  • Major dont’s at this stage.


Whatever the exit strategy, we support you in identifying risks and opportunities, implementing actions and risk mitigation, capturing value and protecting founders.

We support the following topics:

  • Assessment forms;
  • Forms of attracting investors;
  • Acquisition/merger growth;
  • Different scenarios (full sale, majority, minority, on-exchange, off-exchange);
  • Major dont’s at this stage.
Scaleups growth programs

Scaleups growth programs?

Discover the programs that PwC has available to help you quickly achieve your growth goals as a scaleup.

→ Unicorn Factory

First program in Lisbon specialized in empowering scaleups with the necessary support so that they can unlock their potential.

The Unicorn Factory is a program conceived based on the best international practices. This program not only focuses on developing critical leadership skills but also on the challenges of growth and its acceleration, both in Portugal and for international markets.

Know more

→ Launch in Lisbon

Launch in Lisbon is a three-day program with practical workshops, activities around Lisbon and introductions to the main stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From workshops with experts to master classes on the main challenges, the program offers the necessary guidance and networking for a successful launch of a company in Lisbon.
Sign up Launch in Lisbon

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