Whistleblower and Ethics Hub

Complaints hub and Irregularities Communication

The Whistleblower and Ethics Hub is a specific, independent whistleblowing channel that promotes anonymity and confidentiality, through which employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of your Organization can, on a voluntary basis, report acts that represent irregularities, such as violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, financial and accounting fraud, violations of compliance with the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, among others.


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How it works

Registration – Whistleblower and Ethics Hub

The whistleblower is able to register the complaint in a form accessible through a link on the organization's website.

Analysis and treatment – Whistleblower and Ethics Hub
Analysis and treatment

The organization analyzes the complaint directly in the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub, from which it documents its analysis and respective conclusions.

Conclusion and Filing – Whistleblower and Ethics Hub
Conclusion and Filing

After analysis and complaint documents were completed, the whistleblower can view the results of the review of their complaint via the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub.

Product features

Adaptation to the structure of the organisation

Ability to tailor the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub to the organisation, being able to create jurisdictions, companies and teams allocated to complaints management.

Anonymity vs. identification

The whistleblower has the option to choose to remain anonymous or to identify themselves. In the case of reports relating to suspected money laundering, the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub proactively encourages anonymity, in compliance with the Act.

Registration of complaints from other channels

The Whistleblower and Ethics Hub allows the registration of complaints from other channels for reporting irregularities, such as, for example, telephone or e-mail, in order to centralise the analysis, treatment and conclusion and filing of all complaints.

Safeguarding confidentiality

Once the whistleblower submits a complaint, he/she receives a reference and a unique password. With these credentials, the whistleblower can consult the status of their complaint at any time without having to identify themselves.

Promoting independence

Should any of the users responsible for reviewing and handling complaints be the subject of a complaint, the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub will automatically forward the complaint to an independent user who will be responsible for reviewing and handling it.

Complaint handling workflows

Existence of tasks and responsibilities associated to user profiles defined in the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub.

Alert system

The Whistleblower and Ethics Hub triggers alerts for its users, whenever they have responsibility for any of the tasks associated with the incoming reports workflow.

Recording of logs

All actions taken by Whistleblower and Ethics Hub users in relation to reports received are recorded to facilitate audits.

Dashboard with statistics data

The Whistleblower and Ethics Hub provides its users a dashboard with graphics and statistics on the complaints received.


One integrated product

The implementation of the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub in your Organisation may be complemented with our support in important stages of its integration and communication to employees and various stakeholders, such as drafting a whistleblowing policy, designing the processes for receiving and handling complaints, implementing complementary channels for receiving complaints (e.g. telephone and e-mail), learning and raising the awareness of employees and designing a communication strategy.

If your organisation does not have sufficient resources to manage the receipt of complaints, you may have a team of experienced PwC employees who are sensitive to complex and particularly sensitive matters, such as a whistleblowing.

PwC staff will receive, log and forward to your organisation reports received through the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub. PwC employees receive regular training on our clients' activities and reportable situations within the Whistleblower and Ethics Hub.

Additionally, PwC employees have proven experience in the management of Whistleblowing Channels, namely the telephone channel, through the diligent collection of information that may be useful to a potential investigation.


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