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The proper and efficient integration of an acquired business and the correction of contingent procedures are of most importance for a Post Deal process.

PwC has experienced and highly specialised professionals with the knowhow and experience to give the best solutions to the needs that come with a Post Deal integration.

Our assistance can focus on:

Support in the integration structure in a tax efficient manner

Analysis of tax optimisation opportunities

Settlement of unfulfilled tax obligations

Settlement of accounting and tax procedures that were incorrectly adopted

Reduction and better control of “compliance” costs

Support in the relationship with Tax and/or Social Security Authorities arising from the acquisition process

Interim staffing, namely, temporary support to the accounting, financial or human resources departments

Support in the relationship with Tax and/or Social Security Authorities arising from the acquisition process

Tax files: Non-existent/ incomplete

Support in the identification of missing information and its preparation.


Support in the implementation and parameterisation of the SAF-T PT program.

VAT: Optimisation and recovery of VAT

Indirect tax optimisation in the transaction flow of the current and new structure, and support in the recovery of VAT in bad debts.

Correction of contingent procedures

Support in the correction of tax contingent procedures identified following the tax due diligence work.

Tax returns not submitted

Support in the identification of tax documentation not submitted, its preparation and submission.

Maintenance and use of tax credits

Support in the preparation of the necessary requests to maintain tax credits, as well as identification of new opportunities in this regard and respective use in a tax efficient way.

Transfer Pricing

Support in the identification and implementation of intragroup transactions in accordance with the new business model and value chain positioning strategy.

Structure integration

Support in the implementation of a tax efficient strategy regarding the integration (tax unity, reorganisation operations, etc.).

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