2023 Personal Income Tax Return

At PwC we support the process of preparing and submitting the Personal Income Tax Return.

Need help submitting your annual tax return? Talk to us, our PIT specialists will help you in this process.

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A correct preparation of the annual personal income tax return is crucial for a compliant and efficient tax position and it can be a highly complex process, namely due to the different options that can be taken in the tax return, the different regimes that may apply, such as the Non-Habitual Residents' regime, as well as due to the importance of qualifying and treating correctly the different types of income received, including from foreign sources.

Our assistance ensures compliance with the tax obligations and the identification of the best tax options and opportunities, both in a national and in an international perspective, providing an efficient tax position for our Clients.

Our team has specialized professionals, with the best technical skills and experience, that may provide our Clients with all the relevant assistance throughout the process of preparation and filing of the annual personal income tax return in Portugal.

Bruno Andrade Alves, Individuals Taxation Partner, PwC Portugal

“The annual income tax return filing is a key moment to assure the correct and efficient fulfilment of each individual's tax responsibilities.”

Bruno Andrade Alves,Individuals Taxation Partner, PwC Portugal

How can we assist you?

Among others, our assistance throughout the process of preparation and filing of the Portuguese personal income tax return comprises the following aspects:

  • qualifying and quantifying the taxable income, namely from investment portfolios (held in Portugal or abroad);
  • evaluating the most efficient options (e.g. taxation at special/flat tax rates vs progressive tax rates and/or joint filing vs separate tax returns);
  • applying the provisions of special tax regimes, such as the Non-Habitual Residents’ regime or the former tax residents’ regime;
  • identifying situations of international double taxation and applying for foreign tax credits or tax exemptions, whenever applicable;
  • accompanying the tax assessment process and assisting with the reply to notifications from the Portuguese Tax Authorities.

Filing period of 2023 Personal Income Tax Return

From April 1st to June 30th 2024.
Should you need any further information about our assistance, please contact us.

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Leendert Verschoor

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Bruno Andrade Alves

Bruno Andrade Alves

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