Advisory in disputes and arbitration

Your problems

  • There is the need to prepare a technical report for a judicial/arbitration process.
  • There is the need to quantify indemnities to reclaim.
  • There is the need to indicate a financial expert.

How we can help

Our advisory services in disputes and arbitrations are focused on financial and economic aspects, which most of the times are complex, allowing the organizations to support their position in technical reports and/or in expert reports. We prepare independent reports, written in a straightforward and organized way, to be easily interpreted by all the parts involved.  

We can:
  • Support disputes among partners, after acquisition of companies, commercial transactions/contracts, among others;
  • Quantify indemnities to reclaim, including emergent damage and lost profits;
  • Make economic-financial analysis;
  • Act as experts or as technical advisor; 
  • Advise in provision of information to entities of supervision and regulation. 

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Carolina Costa

Carolina Costa

Director, PwC Portugal

Gonçalo Almeida

Gonçalo Almeida

Senior Manager, PwC Portugal

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