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Corporate and International Tax

Managing the tax burden of enterprises, either at national level or cross border, is an increasingly complex task, requiring specific support and high-level specialization. Additionally, the failure in complying with tax obligations represents  not only a financial risk, but also an operational risk, compromising the reputation of the companies with the authorities and the public in general.

How PwC can help you?

The PwC global network works closely with its clients managing the day-to-day tax function, and supporting the development of new opportunities, the management of global risks, and the development of efficient policies in terms of national and international taxation, namely in the following areas

  • Ongoing tax advisory
  • Review of procedures
  • Support the relationship with the Tax Authorities, namely tax audits
  • Structuring advisory

Ongoing tax advisory

  • Tax framework of the operations;
  • Preparation or review of tax returns;
  • Analysis and quantification of deferred taxes and contingencies, namely for statutory purposes;
  • Monitorization of tax attributes;
  • Use of Conventions for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and European Union Directives.

Review of procedures

  • Identification of tax benefits and support with its quantification;
  • Identification, quantification and qualification of tax risks and contingencies.

Support the relationship with Tax Authorities, namely tax audits

  • Prevention, management and resolution of tax disputes;
  • Preparation of binding rules;
  • Support with ongoing tax audits, both external and internal including the review of documentation, support with the preparation of right of hearing and tax claims;
  • Assistance with the preparation of information and clarifications to be provided to the Tax Authorities.

Structuring of investments

  • Tax structuring of the investments made in Portugal and abroad, taking into consideration the particularities of the countries of origin and destination of the investment;
  • Mergers, acquisitions and group restructuring, including cross-border operations;
  • Review of substance requirements and its adequacy with the economic rationale of business;
  • Realignment of the intellectual property structures;
  • Tax management of financing, debt restructuring and treasury operations, namely for Stamp Duty purposes.

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