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Corporate reorganizations

Corporate reorganizations, whether carried out within a previously formed corporate group or not, require quite complex operations and processes.

Regardless of the nature of the reorganization , it is crucial that the main risks to the business at stake are duly identified, in advance and prior to the completion of the operation, particularly risks which may bring a substantive tax impact.

A timely identification of tax contingencies which may arise during the operations to be carried out will contribute to a more strict and reliable assessment of the business value.

It is also crucial that alternative forms of investment or divestment are duly considered,along with the main tax opportunities, in order to minimize the impacts of the operation.


How can we help?

Through an in-depth analysis of your business, PwC will allow you to identify strategies, both regarding the structuring of the operation, and at the level of its tax optimization. For this purpose,

PwC will provide you with tax advice regarding not only the structuring, planning and implementation of your corporate reorganization (including, in particular, transformations, mergers, split-offs, transfer of assets, redomiciliations), but also on the investment and/ or divestment alternatives which may be considered as more adequate and/ or efficient to achieve the ultimate goal.


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