Regular tax advisory

One of our goals is to maintain proximity with our clients, being present in their day-to-day lives and providing the tax support they need in a timely manner.

For this purpose, we have multidisciplinary teams  qualified professionals with vast knowledge and experience. We believe that by adopting a multidisciplinary approach, we are able to establish a more effective and adequate monitoring and to find solutions to questions of a fiscal and parafiscal nature, in view of the various direct and indirect taxes, which arise during the course of its activity.

Given the complexity and diversity of taxes and tax issues that companies have to face in their day-to-day operations, we believe we are a valuable partner particularly given our experience and consolidated knowledge regarding tax matters related to the real estate sector.


How can we help?

Support on day-to-day issues

We believe that we have the scope and knowledge to provide high-quality tax advice, in a effectively and quick manner from the most generic matters in the area of CIT, such as are the doubts regarding the fulfilment of declarative obligations and their deadlines, to the specific topics of property taxes (IMI, IMT) and their respective exemption regimes, which may also arise from the real estate activity itself (eg, leasing, purchase for sale, accommodation) and its financing,

Regular tax information

The constant changes in national tax legislation make it more difficult to identify tax contingencies, solutions and opportunities. This circumstance can be mitigated by the permanent monitoring of the case law and legal doctrine, at both a national and Community level.

Thus, we are committed to sending our regular clients the main tax news (e.g., national and international case law, administrative doctrines or other documents of relevant tax importance), by email, through our "Tax Flash".

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Jorge Figueiredo

Jorge Figueiredo

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Rodrigo Rabeca Domingues

Financial Services Tax Partner, PwC Portugal

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