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Tax compliance

One of the major concerns amongst companies is ensuring an accurate and up to date administration of the tax compliance obligations when dealing with complex local rules, and effectively spending time and resources on these matters.

Given the globalization and increasing technological development over the last few decades most companies, driven by the reduction of administrative costs, have often focused on its core businesses, making it more difficult for companies to stay on top of changes in tax laws and their application in the tax filing and compliance procedures.


How can we help?

Our team has been advising companies for many consecutive years on the preparation, filling, revision and / or submission of the tax returns across all taxes, ensuring they comply with tax laws and reporting requirements in the current ever-changing global standards. Our specific compliance services include, namely:

  • Corporate Income Tax Return (Modelo 22);
  • Annual statement (IES/DA);
  • Tax file (“Dossier Fiscal”);
  • Periodical Value Added Tax (“VAT”) returns;
  • Comply with ancillary obligations related with payments to non resident entities;
  • Preparation and submission of CIT, PIT and Stamp Duty payment slips;
  • Real Estate Municipal Tax (IMI);
  • Other tax obligations according to the specific business of the client;
  • Individual support services (e.g., organization of accounting and preparation and submission of PIT returns);
  • Compliance analysis of the SAFT-PT file.

Our team consists of specialized accountants and tax consultants who are informed and aware of recent administrative practices, doctrine and jurisprudence, and have accumulated experience gained from working regularly with the Portuguese tax authorities in tax audits. Our experience allows us to provide rigorous, effective and timely tax compliance services.

We also strive to ensure a global approach to tax compliance, by guaranteeing that the relevant documents which comprise the tax file are aligned with the financial statements and accounting practices.

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Jorge Figueiredo

Jorge Figueiredo

Financial Services Tax Partner, PwC Portugal

Tel: +351 213 599 618

Rodrigo Rabeca Domingues

Rodrigo Rabeca Domingues

Financial Services Tax Partner, PwC Portugal

Tel: +351 213 599 686