The digital transformation of the Smile.up Group with PwC and Salesforce

Smile.up achieves sustained growth through the implementation of a digital transformation program with Salesforce technology – the company improved its lead generation capacity by 30% in the first year of work

PwC's Customer Transformation team, specialised in digital transformation, provided Smile.up, the largest network of dental clinics in Portugal, with an immediate, qualified and personalised response to its patients through Salesforce technology, providing them with a better user experience.

Smile.up makes a difference in the relationship it builds with its customers, in 2023 it was the number 1 choice for consumers. The dental clinic of excellence found, with PwC, the ideal partners to respond to the internal requirements of the business, in what are the challenges of data management and customer management in the field of dentistry. As consultants consistently recognized as leaders in digital transformation, PwC opted for Salesforce technology not only because of the type of business, but mainly because of the wide variety of workflows and the numerous processes that can be integrated into the platform.

“Our customers have permanent follow-up. At PwC, we plan and implement Salesforce technology in order to obtain the maximum return on the investment made with this system. In the technology area, we value digital transformation based on the sustained growth of the business.”

Manuel Conde, Customer Transformation Partner, PwC Portugal

PwC, consecutively awarded in the field of Salesforce technology, has provided Smile.up with sustained growth – the first results are already remarkable. The company improved its lead generation capability by more than 30% in the first year of working with PwC's digital product. 

The expansion of Smile.up is the result of the harmonisation of business processes, automation and improvement of the patient experience. All this transformation and consequent business growth were only possible because patient data is centralised and because technology helped in all this management.

The digital solution developed for Smile.up was customised for the company and its business area, thus placing it at a clear advantage in the market. All of PwC's digital solutions – powered by Salesforce technology – strengthen customer relationships and experience by delivering short-term results.

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