Assessing business viability

The anticipated identification of risks and rapid action enables you to keep control over the business and maintain the value for all stakeholders.

With our knowhow, tools and experience we have the capability of identify opportunities to stabilize the business and create the foundations for a future sustainable growth. 

From our experience, clients who seek these kind of services face the following situations:

  • Market growth stagnation
  • Reduction of margins due to a higher competitive pressure and/or other disruptive events
  • Need of financing for growth
  • Deterioration of cash-flow
  • Eminent risk of covenant breach
  • Maturity of credit line in the short-term

We help our clients with

Understanding current situation

In a scenario of constant change the companies must be capable of identifying and anticipating negative impacts on business.

Our analysis enables you to understand business perspectives in the short and medium/long term and identify potential future imbalances between operational activity and financing activity.

Our services include:

  • Review of the historical performance, development of business plans and business forecast in the long term
  • Benchmarking and comparison with market players
  • Identification of potential vulnerabilities and risks
  • Assessment of the current capital structure

Identification of strategic options

We assist companies in identifying and prioritising business improvement options from refinancing solutions, divestment of non-core assets or strategic repositioning.

Our services include:

  • Business strategic review
  • Identification of the available options considering a previous diagnosis of the current situation
  • Roadmap for the implementation of the proposed solution

Working capital optimization

Liquidity is a central issue in companies, being the cash-flow management a key competency for business success.

We help our clients in reviewing their working capital conditions and identifying opportunities of improvement.

Our services include:

  • Understanding the cash cycle, seasonality and future cash needs
  • Identifying levers and solutions to accelerate receivables
  • Identifying levers and solutions to defer payments
  • Assisting in implementing improvement opportunities
  • Creating "cash-flow” culture within the company

Fund raising and refinancing

We offer an independent view of our clients’ financing requirements, in order to expose the needs to potential capital investors.

Given the range of existing financing options, companies need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option to meet their goals. We assist companies in identifying the best financing solution for the company’s situation and we assist in implementing that solution.

Our experience with the financial sector enables us to better understand the requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each financing option.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of different financing alternatives
  • Structuring and assistance in the fund raising process
  • Refinancing of existing credit lines
  • Raising capital in situations of financial distressiras


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