Financial restructuring

In times of financial distress, it is important to request from the management team the implementation of a revitalization and financial restructuring plan.

Our team has specialised professionals with experience in several sectors to assist you through the entire financial restructuring process. 

From our experience, our solutions are sought by clients in the following situations:

  • Financial difficulties and cash-flow deterioration
  • Default to major stakeholders (employees, suppliers, tax authorities, among others)
  • Breach of contract covenants with financial creditors
  • Renegotiating with creditors, RERE (“Regime Extrajudicial de Recuperação de Credores” – out of court revitalization plan), PER (“Processo Especial de Revitalização”- revitalization plan approved in court), among others
  • Eminent insolvency

We help our clients with

Viability / restructuring plan

The first step in renegotiating with creditors is to define a business viability plan, identifying concrete actions and timelines that enables the improvement of the company’s financial performance and ensures the creditors approval.

Our services include:

  • Understanding of the current situation of the company which may include a market assessment and a strategic reflection on required measures for turnaround
  • Assistance in the development of a business plan, aligned with the company’ strategy and specific measures to identify restructuring solutions that enable the company’s financial viability
  • Development of a restructuring financial plan enabling the assessment of future cash-flow generation of the business
  • Interaction/negotiation with several creditors to accommodate their requirements in the restructuring plan, to present a proposal that enables the debt refinancing and the business revitalisation

Restructuring management and negotiation

The restructuring processes may be unfamiliar to the companies, which don’t always have the necessary know-how or resources.

We therefore assist our clients in managing the negotiation process with creditors, from the development of the restructuring plan to the approval of the restructuring, enabling management to continue focused on day-to-day management of the business.

Our services include:

  • Assisting in the negotiation with creditors
  • Assisting in the preparation of the necessary documents for bilateral renegotiations, RERE, PER, among others

Monitoring restructuring plans

Following creditors approval of the restructuring plan, it is important to ensure the implementation of the restructuring measures.

  • In order to provide comfort and to inform creditors in relation to the progress of the actions defined in the restructuring plan, we periodically follow-up the implementation of the restructuring plans approved by the creditors.
  • Our services include:
  • Implementation of planning and report mechanisms through management information dashboards (we have a team of Stratetegy Modelling and Analytics)
  • Monitoring of the restructuring plans approved with the creditors, through periodical reports of activity performance and cash-flows
  • Periodical updates of the business plan and long-term perspectives


Insolvency and liquidation

When the company is in a serious financial distressed situation, in which a turnaround is no longer possible, we assist the company in the insolvency process, with the goal of maximizing value to all stakeholders.

We have a experienced team in insolvency processes, namely in preparing insolvency plans (with and without recovery), accelerated asset sale and negotiation with creditors.

We assist you in the sale of businesses as part of the asset liquidation strategy of the insolvent company and we collaborate directly with the insolvency administrator.

Divestment and accelerated M&A

In a restructuring and financial distressed scenario, the sale of non-core assets is a possible workout, by easing the financial pressure and giving management more time to implement a more comprehensive solution

Our approach enables a controlled exit adjusted to time needs of both the business and the stakeholders

Our clients may see the business exit as the best option. In these cases, we assist them in setting up an exit strategy, by identifying prospective buyers and managing the sale process.

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