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The increasing complexity of the tax system and the constant changes in tax law, in particular the Personal Income Tax law and the adoption of new rules on Social Security, means that enterprises must regularly review their internal procedures, adapt employees’ remuneration packages and give consideration to personnel costs, all critical factors for the increase of productivity.

It is natural that individual investors feel the need to be updated and receive tax assistance when planning their investments, in order to comply with their tax obligations while, at the same time, achieving tax maximization and optimisation.

To accomplish this, economic agents, enterprises or individuals, need access to the most recent tax changes that may give rise to internal modifications or which generate opportunities. The same applies to the Social Security system, which has been suffering significant changes in recent years, leading to the approval of the new Code of Social Security.

In addition, internationalisation, globalisation and EU tax harmonisation, constitute a challenge and an opportunity to those operating internationally, for whom the timely awareness of the tax laws is essential to the success of their projects and investments.

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How can we help you?

Private Clients

Individual investors and their families need specific attention with focus on the ability to answer their requests of efficiency, availability, technical excellence and discretion.

Individual investors whose investment plans contemplate Portugal as a key target can take advantage of the experience and expertise of our specialised team.  

The team provides specialised assistance on the recent tax regime created for non-residents, which provides a more favorable regime to individuals who acquire Portuguese tax residence for the first time as from 2009.

How PwC can help you
  • Tax management on the acquisition, increase, hold and transference of assets, in Portugal or abroad.
  • Tax regime for non-residents and similar regimes;
  • Tax optimization of the acquisition and transference of securities, immovable properties and other assets;
  • Tax impacts of contributions and payments to beneficiaries of pension funds and similar;
  • Conflict of jurisdictions;
  • Change of residence and relocation;
  • Family business;
  • Enterpreneurship and start-ups;
  • Copyrights and similar;
  • Foundation, trusts and other entities of social assistance.


Personal Taxation and Social Security

The struggle for talent, the tax implications of the various alternatives for the composition of salary packages, as well as the international mobility of employees, requires companies to define appropriate global policies, to pay special attention to their implementation and to supervise their development permanently.

PwC has a team specialised in the taxation of individuals’ income (IRS) and Social Security which, together with other PwC firms worldwide, provides analysis of the tax implications arising from the international mobility of human resources.

We assist enterprises with the definition, implementation and follow up of global management policies and procedures for expatriates, as well as providing support to those expatriates for their tax registration process, the preparation of tax returns and tax statements and computation of taxes due.

How PwC can help you
  • Optimization of salary packages for tax purposes;
  • Conception, analysis, implementation and supervision of remuneration and secondment policies;
  • Analysis of the different components of remuneration and the respective taxation, as well as their social security framework;
  • Analysis of the tax regime for non- residents and its application to specific situations;
  • Definition of the tax framework applicable to expatriates in regard to residency and taxation;
  • Analysis of the social security regime applicable to expatriates;
  • Anticipation and maximization of the benefits resulting from the contributory regimes;
  • Identification of the competent jurisdiction on Personal Income Tax and Social Security subjects, in conflict of competences scenario;
  • Assistance to attain certificates E101;
  • Prepartion of Personal Income Tax returns or others.


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