PwC Forward-Looking Blue Arena

Compass – PwC Forward-Looking Blue Arena is a forward looking leadership forum about the oceans.

Looking ahead to a truly “Blue Economy”

Drawing on over a decade of experience researching key economic attributes of and stakeholder priorities for the world’s oceans, PwC is convening a leadership forum in Lisbon on July 13 (2018) focused on mapping out a future for the Blue Economy.

The event, entitled “Compass – PwC Forward-Looking Blue Arena”, takes as its starting point the increasingly wide recognition of a need to move towards – in the words of the World Bank – the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health”.

The leadership of the PwC Blue Economy Center of Excellence, based in Portugal, has identified three pillars that should form the basis for action:

quantitative data compiled and surveys executed during the last decade through PwC’s “HELM Economy of the Sea Barometer” project;

the compilation of quantitative forecasts about the future evolution of sea activities; and

meetings and site visits worldwide to understand from Blue Economy leaders what paths they are taking toward this over-arching goal.

Only an integrated approach to the oceans can ensure they are used responsibly, effectively, and equitably, particularly bearing in mind that the more industries the seas have to support, the more potential there is for conflict – conflict between industries, between human exploitation and marine conservation, and even conflict between nations.

The HELM report examines the challenges and opportunities in taking an integrated approach to the oceans: the practicalities that need to be addressed and the size of the prize if this can be achieved. The report also provides a snapshot of the state of play in the maritime industries, and between maritime nations.

With Compass – PwC Forward-Looking Blue Arena, PwC’s thought-leadership around the sustainable development of the oceans will be upgraded so that it can anticipate trends and events in the Blueb Economy in the near future.

With this project we believe we are helping “to build trust in society and solve important problems”, which is PwC’s overall purpose.

Miguel MarquesEconomy of the Sea Executive Partner (PwC Portugal)


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