The Digital Revolution and the Economy of the Sea

One of the great global mega-trends that is transforming the world is technological disruption and, within this disruption, digital revolution occupies a prominent place.

In this context, the development of the economy of the sea depends on how it will capture the benefits of the ongoing digital revolution and how it will mitigate the risks associated with this new reality.

A nation that is truly set on blue growth must be prepared to embrace new technologies associated with the sea and develop the industries of the sea within the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Within its social responsibility project dedicated to the sustainable development of the economy of the sea, HELM – PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer (8th Edition), PwC carried out a questionnaire, on "The Digital Revolution and the Economy of the Sea", among 50 managers and leaders linked to the sea, covering all subsectors of the economy of the sea in Portugal. The result of this questionnaire revealed that the vast majority of the respondents believe that the digital revolution will have a high impact upon the economy of the sea, pointing to, by segment, those issues of the digital revolution that will have the greatest impact.

The survey also drew attention to the risks that the digital revolution also poses, notably with regard to vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

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