Environmental Sustainability at Sea

The valorisation of sea resources depends on the implementation of projects that holistically develop sea-related industries, create jobs, promote economic growth and respect the environment.

In this context, the development of the economy of the sea depends on the training of qualified human capital.

A nation that gives priority to the blue growth, must be ready for an increasing number of people interacting directly with the sea.

For this social responsibility project about the development of the economy of the sea, HELM – PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer (edition nº7), PwC carried out a survey on Environmental Sustainability at Sea of 50 individuals closely related with the sea, comprising all subsectors of the economy of the sea in Portugal. The results of this questionnaire revealed that, although Portugal benefits from internationally recognised unique characteristics of good environmental quality of its sea, which are reflected in the products and services of the economy of the sea, the great majority of top management and individuals surveyed consider that our country does not uses this argument adequately in the internal and external promotion and valorization of its products and services.

Given the fundamental importance of this theme to protect and enhance marine ecosystems, PwC resolved to hold a meeting at Casa do Infante in Porto, under the theme "Environmental Sustainability at Sea", and decided to include, whenever possible, in its communications related with this social responsibility project for the development of the economy of the sea, the following message for the strengthening of a culture of protection and valorization of marine ecosystems: "Environmental preservation gives value to the sea!".

Environment preservation gives value to the sea!

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