Safety (saving lives at sea)

In the social responsibility project about the development of the economy of the sea, HELM – PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer (edition nº 7), PwC surveyed, about safety (saving lives at sea), 50 representatives from the sea, comprising all subsectors of the economy of the sea in Portugal.

The results showed that those interviewed think that there is still room for progress in the area of safety at sea. This means that there is work to be done in order to put Portugal among the leaders in the world best practices in safety, in sea activity.

Given the fundamental importance of this issue to protect human lives at sea, taking into account the information collected, PwC formally informed the Portuguese State of the results of this work.
Additionally, decided to promote a meeting at the Casa do Infante, in Porto, under the theme: "Safety of Life at Sea“, and decided to include, whenever possible, in its communications related with this social responsibility project for the development of the economy of the sea, the following message of reinforcement of a safety culture in the sea:

PwC – Economy of the Sea

“Contribute to a culture of safety at sea! 
In leisure or work, follow the safety rules for lives at sea.
Go to sea and return safely.”

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