Blue Revelation Diplomas

Taking into account the importance of the recognition of excellence and merit of sea activities carried out in the context of the Excellens Mare Awards and the successful experience of the Excellens Mare Galas, PwC Portugal considers that it is important to provide an opportunity to highlight innovation and entrepreneurship projects with potential for the future development of sea activities, thereby creating a bridge between projects with proven results and emerging projects with potential for the future. In this context, in partnership with BPI, the Blue Revelation Diplomas have been conceived.

Innovation Blue Revelation Diploma

Aims to recognise quality of innovation of projects, people or entities that show potential for future development in activities of the sea and other water resources.

Entrepreneurship Blue Revelation Diploma

Aims to recognise entrepreneurship in projects, people or entities that show potential for future development in activities of the sea and other water resources.

The Blue Revelation Diplomas are annual and result from choices made by members of the jury, after listening to experts, associations and relevant actors linked to the Sea.

Jury for The Blue Revelation Diplomas

  • Miguel Marques
  • António Costa e Silva
  • António Isidoro
  • Helena Vieira
  • Isabel Gião de Andrade

  • João Pedro Azevedo
  • Maria Celeste Hagatong
  • Pedro Quintela
  • Sofia Galvão


To access all the information about the 2019 Winners, please see the following sections below, or download the PDF.


Blue Revelation Diploma 2019: Innovation

Remotely Piloted Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (UAVision)

UAVision Systems Engineering has been a company linked to innovation and knowledge since 2005. In these 14 years of work, its products have evolved in several dimensions and the component of maritime surveillance and recognition has gained significant relevance. UAVision produces various types of remotely piloted aircraft with an internationally recognized degree of excellence, as exemplified by the ongoing maritime surveillance operation in Croatia in partnership with the Portuguese Air Force and sponsored by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).


Blue Revelation Diploma 2019: Entrepreneurship

Regatta of Portugal

The Regatta of Portugal is a project that promotes sailing, gastronomy, music, tourism and the sea of Portugal. Immediately in its first edition, with great proactivity of the entrepreneurs of this project, this regatta was a sportive, commercial, popular and promotion of the sea success.

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