Mar ao Leme

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I – Three-Dimensional circum-navigation

II – Rainbow Islands

III – Islands that shine

The musical play ‘Mar ao Leme’ was written by request of PwC Portugal, composed for the celebration of Helm’s – Barometer PwC of the Economy of the Sea project’s 10 th anniversary.

This commemorative work of Helm (Leme) draws attention for the need to bring together people, organizations and countries, which aim for the ocean’s sustainable development. It consists of three parts, which can be played together or separately.

Title of Music: Mar ao LEME
Composer: Helder Bettencourt
Duration: approximately 20 minutes
Premiere: February 2020, at Teatro Faialense, Azores, by the Navy Band, directed by Maestro Délio Gonçalves

I - Three-Dimensional circum-navigation

“The sea, when it casts its spell, grabs us forever in its wonderland”.

Jacques Cousteau

This first part represents a “Three-Dimensional Circuit Navigation” by the sea resource, presenting it in a three-dimensional way, winds, currents, tides, calm sea, rough sea, depth of the sea, undersea volcanoes, sky over the sea (cidral space fundamental to the astronomical navigation), sea animals, whales, dolphins, fish, seabirds… As if there was no human action but only the sea resource, concluding this first part with the intention to draw attention to the natural value of this resource, which it’s necessary to protect and value.

II - Rainbow Islands

"In the mist a rainbow appears, revealing the beauty of the Azores´ Islands, revealing every facet of the sea."

The second part of the play aims to represent the human action in the sea, the defense (military security and human life safeguard), fishing, shipbuilding, sea transportation, ports, water sports, tourism, offshore energy, maritime arts and culture…

In this part of the play, there is a multicolored mosaic operating in the sea, each activity has its own identity. The sea’s part is providing economic support, as well as developing cultures and traditions.

III - Islands that shine

"The Islands and Sea’s warm colors (Madeira archipelago), along with the brightness of the sun, combined with the brightness of the sand, added to the kindness of the local people, transmits joy and positive energy."

The third and final part of the play aims to encourage awareness and knowledge about the sea and raise cooperation for the cause, drawing attention to the need to join efforts between people, organizations, industries and countries, so that the sea is at the helm of its destiny, capable to promote the sustainable development of humanity.

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