HELM – PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer

Continuing the social responsibility commitment that we assumed in 2010, we present our 10th edition of HELM – PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer which, this year, is dedicated to the importance of information sharing and information management for building new knowledge.

The Portuguese economy of the sea has shown, over time,great economic and social resilience, showing growth above the average of the national economy during a period of great economic instability. However, relevant industries of the sea are shown signs of economic slowdown. In this context, it is fundamental to strengthen investment in order to revert this trend and be able to progress to higher levels of growth and economic development.

Information is a key resource for increasing knowledge about the sea and adding value to the blue economy through innovation. We have tried to ascertain what, in the opinion of the interviewees, what margin of progression exists for Portugal to reach high standards of information sharing and information management that will enhance the generation of new knowledge. Most respondents believe that there is a high margin of progression, meaning that there is plenty of work to do with regard to the sharing and management of information.


The survey also concludes that the majority of economy of the sea leaders believe that through the Inter-Ministerial Commission on Sea Affairs, increased cooperation between all maritime entities and the use of advanced technology platforms and tools, it is possible to improve the sharing and management of sea-related information.

As the United Nations has decided to devote the next decade to the study of the oceans, it is crucial that Portugal contributes significantly to this international effort of knowledge of the seas, as a leader in sharing and managing information, generating new knowledge.


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